Hi, and welcome to my blog about survival.

Catastrophes of all kinds happen each year across the globe, and it is up to us to be prepared, not only to survive disasters, but to survive attacks from animals and from humans who did not prepare.

Whether we like it or not, after a regional disaster, such as the flooding in Pakistan, animals can turn feral and attack humans, and humans can attack each other.  We all saw those mob videos from Pakistan. Their police and military really had their hands full.

Now, imagine (God forbid) a scenario, in which the police and military are incapable of maintaining any semblance of order.  In this case, you must be able to defend yourself and your loved ones

When an animal becomes feral, it focuses entirely on its own survival, and you or your children can become its next meal, despite how well you may think you know the animal.

You will need to have the tools to survive any disaster, and the list of practical survival tools may just surprise you.  You will find how a simple hammer can not only build your survival home, but also help you to dig your way out of your collapsed home and fend off attackers in a world that is becoming increasingly “anti-gun.”

With these thoughts in mind, I decided to start a survival blog, and I will do my best to add a post at least several times a week and include links so that you can shop for the featured items.

So again, welcome.  I look forward to providing you with loads of information about disaster survival.

Read and Survive!